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CardMate Plus™ System

Speed Queen is revolutionizing the way laundry customers pay to do their laundry with its development of the CardMate Plus™ line of top- and front-load washers, and single- and stack-drying tumblers, each equipped with smart-card readers.

How do smart cards work?

Card Mate Laundry Card - How to smart cards work?Smart cards are added-value cards, meaning that customers pay cash for the card and then use the card to make transactions. The customer activates a washer or dryer by inserting a smart-card, rather than by plugging it full of coins. Funds are deducted from the value remaining on the card.

Where do customers purchase cards?

Where do customers purchase cards?Customers purchase or add value to a smart-card from a CardMate Value Center (CVC) - or CardMate Service Center (CSC) - shown at right, located within the laundry room.



Advantages to Customers

  • It's convenient. The elimination of the need for coins means that customers no longer have to make sure they have correct change. Also, digital displays on the units inform customers at a glance of everything they need to know about cycle status.
  • It's safe. By centrally locating the CVC or CSC, all cash transactions take place in a highly visible area, discouraging vandalism to laundry units and hassling of customers.

Advantages to Property Owners/Route Operators

  • It provides better security at less cost. Property owners/managers can avoid the hassle and expense of maintaining bill changers, and can also concentrate their security budget on the CVC or CSC, rather than on all laundry units.
  • It's profitable. A smart-card purchase commits customer money up front to your laundry location. And, once a customer has purchased a card, they are more likely to continue doing their laundry where the card can be used. An increase in both cash flow and cash potential translates into an increase in profits
  • It's informative. The CardMate PlusTM System is designed to provide owners with more information on machine usage which helps verify their monthly income, as well as providing insight into better ways of managing their laundry.