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E-SERIES | HIGH-PERFORMANCE WASHER-EXTRACTORS20 TO 255 POUND CAPACITIESE-Series commercial washers are among the most energy efficient on the market. Not only are they simple to install thanks to a freestanding, soft- mount design, E-Series commercial washers remove more water per load during extract than most traditional hard-mount washers. This is because they reach up to 387 G-force extract speeds, where most hard-mount washers attain only 70-90 G-force. The difference? E-Series commercial washers cut dry time by up to 40 percent, which significantly bolsters on-premise laundry productivity, decreases natural gas consumption and cuts labor. Featuring unrivaled programmability, E-Series commercial washers properly clean virtually any fabric type using the most advanced programmable controls available.CLICK TO VIEW FULL BROCHURE-3-WASHERS FOR ON-PREMISE LAUNDRY

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