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As one of the largest privately owned providers of laundry management services in the Northeast, Automatic Laundry is a proven professional in the management of community laundry facilities. For the past 50 years we have been managing and servicing community laundry facilities in residential complexes, condominium communities, housing authorities, colleges, universities, and other multi-housing facilities. We are a family owned company that is focused solely on customer satisfaction. Our reputation for quality equipment, service, ethical business practices, and customer satisfaction has made us the preferred choice of many property managers and real estate management companies throughout the Northeast.



Together with proven accountability and ethical business practices, Automatic Laundry is committed to delivering the best service and laundry equipment available. As a family owned and managed company, our team meets directly with customers, visits laundry facilities and works tirelessly to ensure that our customers are receiving the highest quality service. This continued personal touch is important to Automatic Laundry, and we believe it will be important to you.



As an Energy Star Partner, Automatic Laundry is committed to reducing the impact on the environment their equipment may create. This goes beyond the installation of Energy Star and DOE qualified laundry products that reduce water and energy consumption. At their facility, Automatic Laundry has undergone an intense energy audit of all electrical fixtures and replaced old fixtures with the most energy efficient fixture available. This has reduced their energy consumption by more than 17%. Automatic Laundry recycles all of the cardboard packaging that is used to ship their equipment. In addition, they instituted reconditioning programs to recycle otherwise discarded machines and parts. When machines and parts do become obsolete, they are brought to metal recycling plants for proper disposal. Automatic Laundry’s biggest energy saving initiative is their service logistics program. This program combines the use of GPS vehicle tracking and wireless dispatching of service calls to identify the technician who can both respond the fastest and travel the shortest distance to any account requesting service. By using this unique program, Automatic Laundry has been able to reduce fuel consumption significantly while improving service response time.


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tide laundry detergent with turbo clean
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