Beacon Communities Testimonial – Increasing Business Profits


Frank Alvarez of Beacon Communities in Boston, Massachusetts talks about his experience working with Automatic Laundry. “In addition to Automatic Laundry’s great customer service, Beacon Properties has seen an average increase of 15% across the portfolio in laundry income.” The equipment specifications were appropriate for the laundry rooms at the properties as well, which led to these cost savings and efficiencies. Beacon Communities is a privately owned real estate firm that develops, acquires, invests in, and manages a wide range of multifamily housing. Beacon also invests in and purchase affordable housing companies and portfolios of multifamily developments and owns and manage approximately 18,000 apartments including affordable housing, market-rate housing, and mixed income housing. Automatic Laundry provides laundry room services for 45 Beacon Communities properties, including over 900 machines which serve nearly 7,000 apartments. Card payment systems and LaundryConnect are part of the services offerings.


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