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College Laundry Room Equipment

Automatic Laundry has been providing expert laundry solutions to college campuses in the Northeast for over 50 years. We provide the most efficient and convenient laundry equipment to college campus laundry rooms, including Speed Queen and LG. Laundry rooms will always be energy intensive, but with our Energy Star qualified laundry equipment, you can help keep your utility costs down.

Smart Laundry Cards

For our college laundry equipment, payment is made using our convenient smart laundry card system. This convenient system allows students to add value to their laundry card online, by card, or by cash. This advanced system, pioneered by Automatic Laundry, eliminates the need for students to carry coins and cash. Additionally, our Laundry Tracker™ laundry room monitoring system offers students the convenience of checking the status of their laundry online. This advanced system can be yet another selling point for your university.

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“Since installation of the new equipment and related technology, we have been really happy with Automatic Laundry’s performance”  – Patrick Savolskis, SUNY Purchase College

“I would sincerely recommend Automatic Laundry to other campuses considering their possibilities for laundry services; their speed of service and overall response time is simply exceptional.”  – Marvin Wilson , Southern Connecticut State University

“Automatic Laundry has provided outstanding service to Western Connecticut State University since taking over our laundry rooms since 2005. The University has been very pleased and satisfied with the level of service you and your company have provided for over ten years. Of particular note is on-line laundry tracking system recently implemented by Automatic Laundry. This real-time monitoring system has become an integral aspect of residence hall life and has provided the University1s students flexibility in time allocation for washing and drying clothing.”  – Mark Case, Western Connecticut State University

“In our time as a customer of Automatic Laundry, we have found them to be attentive to our needs and quick to respond to requests and service calls. Installation of the laundry machines and ID card devices was smooth and organized. Communication is key in any project and especially as large as our install was during the summer of 2014. I have no reservations about recommending them as a laundry provider to other Colleges or Universities. Automatic Laundry provides excellent service with quick responses and attention to detail.  My employees that interact with them are equally satisfied with their experience.”  – Mike Kmec, Connecticut College

“Automatic Laundry has been Wheaton College’s laundry service provider for 20 years and understands the nature of higher education and the customer that they are serving. Throughout this time they have provided us with excellent service. They are responsive to service calls, inquiries from staff and are always willing to work with us to accommodate our changing needs. Automatic Laundry has and continues to exceed my expectations.” – Kimberly Lavallee, Wheaton College


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