EF International Testimonial

“Our transition from our previous laundry company to Automatic Laundry was quite seamless. We worked without a plan with automatic laundry as to when we’d be able to get our new machines delivered when the installation would occur. It was very well planned in detail was important because we have students all year long, we don’t have breaks during the summer, we don’t have any vacation weeks, and there are always students here in the building there are always students needing to wash their clothes so when we did partner with the new company we were always worried to how the transition would occur, how quickly it would happen and automatic was right there to help us with our needs and we got automatic laundry machines quickly and they were functioning fast and we didn’t have any real big bumps in the road.”

With a population of over 130,000, Stamford is the second-largest city and known as one of the safest cities in Connecticut. Whether you are looking for a trail for a scenic view of North Stamford, or hop to downtown and enjoy the buzzing city for refreshing drinks and delicious food, there is a reason why Stamford is considered the fastest growing city in the state! As the population continues to grow more, apartment complexes and colleges need environmentally friendly machines to help their community efficiently manage their life. There’s where Automatic Laundry comes in.

Stamford Universities and Colleges Laundry Equipment Supplier

Automatic Laundry is happy to continue to provide most of Connecticut towns with their commercial washers, dryers, and a variety of laundry equipment applications. We take great pride in our machines and their superior products that will keep your students happy during their student life at campus. If you are interested in investing in our top of the line laundry machines, please get in touch for a quote! Call today to learn more at 617-969-4340

Apartment and Condominium Laundry Supplier in Stamford, CT

As a commercial or property owner, you want to make sure you can manage your common area laundry rooms stress-free and most importantly, keep your customers happy. At Automatic Laundry, we are confident to have your laundry room operating the way it should with our LaundryConnect Service where customers can track their laundry or see which machines are available in real-time. If you are curious about learning more about our laundry equipment service please feel free to reach and one of our specialists will answer any questions or concerns you may have. We look forward to working with you.

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