EF International Testimonial

“Our transition from our previous laundry company to Automatic Laundry was quite seamless. We worked without a plan with automatic laundry as to when we’d be able to get our new machines delivered when the installation would occur. It was very well planned in detail was important because we have students all year long, we don’t have breaks during the summer, we don’t have any vacation weeks, and there are always students here in the building there are always students needing to wash their clothes so when we did partner with the new company we were always worried to how the transition would occur, how quickly it would happen and automatic was right there to help us with our needs and we got automatic laundry machines quickly and they were functioning fast and we didn’t have any real big bumps in the road.”

Hartford Connecticut is home to many students, families, and business owners. As the capital of the state, Hartford is one of the most populous areas in Connecticut. With so many people living in apartments or on the campuses of Hartford’s different universities and colleges, Automatic Laundry consistently works with Hartford properties to provide commercial laundry solutions. Our environmentally friendly machines are designed with state of the art technology. Whether you own apartment buildings, manage student life, or own a laundromat, our machines will add value to your communities.

Self-Reporting Laundry Machines Community Laundryrooms in Hartford

an image of Hartford Connecticut's skylineOne of the aspects of our equipment that sets them apart is the fact that our machines can self-report. Even before you notice an issue with a machine, our technicians can be notified and can address the problem. In many cases, errors can be handled remotely. When a machine is overfilled with water and suds, it can actually be handled remotely. When a machine needs maintenances, we always have members of our team ready to help because of our GPS Enabled service. Aside from the technology that helps the building owners and administrators, we also offer technology that greatly benefits the people doing the laundry. Our LaundryConnect service allows people to see what machines are available, and track their own laundry. We also offer mobile app pay options for community laundry rooms.  If you are interested in getting a free quote or a complimentary location survey, click below.

On-Premise Laundry Solutions In Hartford

Automatic Laundry is proud to help a wide variety of businesses and other locations manage their laundry rooms. Aside from working with Hartford’s schools, apartment buildings, and laundromats, we also work with many other on-premise laundry locations. These include providing laundry equipment for firefighters, vets, medical facilities, athletic facilities, correctional facilities, and more. Please use the following links to learn more about our machines and some commonly asked questions:

  • On-Premise Washers: Our high-performance washers are designed to be energy and water usage efficiency. We offer a variety of sizes perfect for any size facility.
  • On-Premise Dryers: Our dryers can handle 30 to 175 lbs of laundry depending on what you need.
  • On-Premise Flatwork Ironers: Commercial flatwork ironers can quickly and efficiently press and iron large quantities of fabric every day.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Click here for answers to some frequently asked questions on the topics of warranties and the specifications of our machines.
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