Debunking Laundromat Myths 

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Despite being one of the most convenient and affordable means for people to do their laundry, there are many myths that still persist when it comes to using a laundromat. We thought it’s time we analyzed each of these myths and cleared the air. So here are the most common things that you might also have heard about laundromats. 

Laundromats are Only for Low-Income People

This is entirely false. A laundromat is for each and every person despite the income group they belong to. In fact, if you ever visit a first-class laundromat, you will realize that they offer washing services which means you just need to drop your clothes and get them back washed and clean. Other laundromats offer snack bars for you to keep yourself entertained while machines take care of your clothes. People don’t use laundromats because they are poor, there are all sorts of reasons like a busy schedule or living in a tight space where you can’t have a washing machine.  

Laundromats aren’t Convenient

It is understandable that most people don’t like to spend time waiting at the laundromat, but laundromats do their best to keep customers entertained. More and more laundromats have started to offer different entertainment amenities to make the experience more pleasant. Things like fast wireless internet, flat-screen Televisions, and even children’s reading areas are being integrated into the laundromats. You can get some more done while waiting for your laundry to be done. 

Laundromats Only Take Coins

Gone are the days of coins. If you have recently visited any laundromat, you would have seen the different payment options available. All the convenient payment options like coins, fiat notes, and debit/credit cards are now being accepted as a mode of payment. Other emerging payment modes by using our App, and more and more laundromats are trying to integrate these mechanisms as well. So the next time you are visiting a laundromat, don’t worry about not having enough quarters. 

Laundromat Equipment isn’t Efficient

Actually, the equipment installed in most laundromats is much more efficient than your standard domestic washing machine. Due to the large scale of load handling required, laundromat machines are built with commercial standards in mind, and they offer both better and quicker results. The quality of washing also depends on the quality of detergent you are using, so opt for a good quality detergent.

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