Automatic Laundry has long recognized that although community laundry rooms require utilities – water and energy – to operate, installing Energy Star qualified equipment combined with state of the art technology will minimize the environmental impact of its laundry rooms. Automatic Laundry works closely with its manufacturing partners and customers to provide the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly equipment available to reduce the impact laundry rooms have on the environment.

Automatic Laundry’s entire business operation is cognizant of and responsive to environmentally conscious practices. As a leader in technological advances, Automatic Laundry initiated coinless laundry payment programs that are environmentally friendly. For example, coinless laundry systems eradicate the need for coin collections, thereby reducing the need for collection vehicles. Coinless systems also eliminate service calls related to the coin mechanism failure, further reducing the need to dispatch vehicles. Automatic Laundry’s innovative use of the internet also permits it to issue refunds over the web, minimizing mailed refunds and unnecessary use of paper products related to mail correspondence.

Of course, in order to provide proper service to its customers, Automatic Laundry employs a fully stocked service fleet. In order to reduce gas usage, Automatic Laundry monitors the fleet through GPS technology and dispatches calls through its computerized routing system. When a service call is placed, we are able to immediately dispatch the nearest service van to respond to the call. GPS eliminates unnecessarily lengthy travel. We are also able to monitor the manner in which the vehicles are operated, ensuring that gas mileage is optimized. Of course, all of our vehicles undergo routine maintenance checks to make sure that they operate at maximum performance levels.


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