LG’s Front Loading, High Efficiency “Giant-C” Washers

Feature an exclusive innovative Direct Drive System; resulting in superior wash action, quieter operation and greater reliability.

“Giant-C” Washers are Energy Star Qualified, offer residents a 22 lb. wash capacity and consume only 11.2 gallons of water per cycle compared to competitors 25 gallons.

Due to the unique design of the stainless steel wash basket, that increases the contact between the wash basket and clothing, creating a superior washing action to better remove dirt and stains.

LG’s “Giant-C” DRYERS

 Offers four separate heat selections,

  • “Whites & Colors” (cottons),
  • “Perm Press” (permanent press garments),
  • “Delicates” (delicate garments), and
  • “No Heat” (no heat).

Stainless steel drying cylinders provide are more durable machine than powder paint coated drying cylinders. The 15.5” door opening allows for easy loading and unloading.

The “Giant-C” dryer with its larger capacity is a perfect match for the “Giant-C” washer.

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