How to Clean Your Laundromat

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As a laundromat owner, you must keep your washing machines clean at all times. This helps you avoid the problem of customers complaining. A clean laundromat is the only way to get the proper attention towards your business. There are a few things you must regularly do to keep your laundromat clean and sparkling as ever. At times, gunk and weird objects can get stuck in your laundromat, depending on the type of condition customers’ clothes are in. Here are a few ways you can effectively clean your laundromat.

1.    Clean the Outside of Your Machines

Before getting inside the machine, you want to start making your way on the exterior by wiping the machine with a proper disinfectant. You could also use vinegar and a microfiber cloth or sponge to clean as you don’t want any unnecessary scratches on your machine by using a rough cloth. Make sure to dry your machine thoroughly and disinfect it.

2.    Clean The Inside

The first thing you should focus on is the drum of your machine. This gathers all the gunk and odor from customer’s dirty clothes. Clean the drum thoroughly with a professional-recommended cleanser. This removes the gunk and soap from the drum. Vinegar acts as an effective disinfectant to clean the drum, as well as other machines.

Vinegar also acts as a good sanitizer, and it’s very important to sanitize your machine. You can use vinegar as a sanitizer by pouring two cups of white vinegar in the drum and leaving the machine on. This will help sanitize the area thoroughly all over. You will have to run the motorcycle for effective cleansing, but this time, add one cup of baking soda. Adding baking soda will help eliminate any residue and balance out the remains of the white vinegar. Once you finish this, allow the drum to air dry by leaving the door open for a while. This helps air circulate through your machine to prevent further moisture problems.

3.    Inspect Your Machine

Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned your machine, it’s time to inspect your machine and finish cleaning off the last bits. Check the detergent dispenser, water inlet filter, and lint trap if there is any dirt or blockage. You can easily clean the dispenser and lint traps with a cleanser like vinegar and replace the water inlet filter if required.

Ensure all the electric connections are intact and look out on the motor belts in case of any damage. Lastly, inspect the exhaust duct and make sure you get rid of any debris or lint in the ducts. Inspect your machine daily so that you don’t have to worry about prolonged issues that may get difficult to fix later on.


With the help of these cleaning tips, you can now provide customers a neat and clean laundromat. Get in touch with Automatic Laundry for the best laundromat cleaning services.

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