How to Pick the Right Location for Your Laundromat Business

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As a laundromat business owner, you are faced with many challenges when you open a business, and the main challenge is finding the right location. Choosing the right laundromat comes with many factors to consider: condition of the building, competition around, the neighborhood demographic, etc.  Here’s a blog on what to look out for and some helpful tips to help you find the perfect location to grow your business.


Foot Traffic


Look out for busy streets where buildings/apartments are located within 10-15 minutes of walking distance. This will give you an idea of where tenants may have to walk to do their laundry. Anything further will require driving a vehicle. 


Parking Space

Depending on where in the city you plan on opening a laundromat, most areas don’t accommodate large areas for parking unless it’s a commercial building. You want to keep a close eye on close parking and low-speed limits as you want your potential customers to see your store and not feel pressured in parking without heavy traffic. 


Research Your Competition


Consider driving or walking around the area and evaluate what your competition is doing. Look at their storefront; what is it that they advertise that makes them stand out from the rest? Why not take a step further and do your laundry? This will give you more insight into the machines they are using, how the interior is laid out, the more information you can gather, and the better your chances are of beating the competition.


Buy Existing Laundromat

Do not underestimate purchasing an existing laundromat. A neglected older laundromat typically has low rent, utilities, and plumbing properly installed, and the huge potential of renovation that can give the laundromat an uplift it needs to bring back the business it once had. Another benefit is that the laundromat had loyal customers, so they could be glad the laundromat is back as it could be closer and more convenient to them than the new place. 


What’s the Next Step?

Once you have gathered all the information you need,  the next step is finding the right laundry supplier that can bring high-quality products that will instantly increase the efficiency of your customers’ laundry with minimum effort. That’s where you can count on Automatic Laundry. With our modern top-of-the-line laundry products, customers can now use their app and pay through their phone and monitor their laundry in real-time. Call us to learn more about our services!

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