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Automatic Laundry is a leading provider of washers and dryers in the Northeast. We work throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and the surrounding areas. We provide machines for a variety of common spaces including; colleges, apartment buildings, condos, multi-housing units, and laundromats. We provide a variety of high-quality services for the laundromats we work with. Our self-reporting machines and GPS enabled service means that when one of your machines has an issue, a member of our team is never far away.

Self-Reporting Laundy Machines For Laundromats

One of the services that set us apart from our competitors is our team’s dedication to ensuring that your machines are operating. Our teams are always ready to help you with any issue you may have. We took customer service a step further, our machines are self-reporting so many issues will actually be reported to us before you or your customers notice them. Our GPS technology allows us to spread out our staff to where they are needed most.

Environmentally Friendly Laundry Machines

Automatic Laundry machines are environmentally friendly and Energy Star Qualified. Aside from the beneficial impact that has on our environment, it also makes a profound impact on utility costs and overhead costs. Our washers use gallons less water per cycle than older machines. For a laundromat, you are netting hundreds to thousands of gallons of saved water when using an efficient machine. All of our equipment is designed with state of the art technology so that you get the most out of your machines.

Mobile & Card Pay Options For Community Laundry

The community laundry room has changed dramatically over the last few decades. Automatic Laundry helps laundromats adapt as laundry continues to change. Aside from offering machines that utilize state of the art technology, we are proud to also provide our digital product LaundryConnect. With LaundryConnect your customers can pay for their laundry with card or through a mobile app.

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