What makes Boston one of the most popular cities in America is the culture the city represents. Whether it’s the passionate sports fans, the four seasons, the quirky bars or the historical and contemporary architecture, there is so much to see and do here. Automatic Laundry has had the privilege of serving the residents of Boston for 50 years! There’re not many laundromats have accomplished what we have achieved. It’s why we are one of the largest privately-owned providers of laundry management services across Boston. Whether you’re looking to hire our laundry facilities for your residential complexes or colleges and universities, please see below why we are the perfect providers for you.

Apartments & Condominium Laundry Equipment Supplier in Boston MA

While having your own washer and dryer is a great option to have, it’s inevitable for machines to wear and tear in the future. Using machines provided by your apartment complex will prevent you spending a chunk of money when your machine starts to break. At Automatic Laundry, we strive to serve our customers better and to help them to get their laundry done efficiently and more conveniently. Please consider speaking to our experts for a free consultation.

College & Universities Laundry Equipment Supplier in Boston MA

Let’s face it, nobody does more laundry than college students. With millions of dollars invested into university’s dorms, canteens, and laundry machines. Students will expect higher service than ever before. We know college students don’t usually carry much cash but will opt using their mobile devices to pay for a service through an app, that’s why Automatic Laundry has the service that you need. Our innovative, quick, easy app will get your laundry cycling in no time. If you’re looking to learn more about our machines services please get in touch for a free consultation today!  (617) 969-4340

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