One of the historic seaport cities in Connecticut and the largest city, Bridgeport, is the fifth most populous city in New England. Automatic Laundry has a long-lasting connection with the city’s diverse culture and activities. Whether you are looking to enjoy some art, history, or even a distillery tour, Bridgeport Connecticut, is a fantastic place for family and friends. If you are looking for a reliable and resourceful company that serves the top of the line laundry machines, consider reaching out to Automatic Laundry for a free consultation, and let us guide you to get the best product for your property or college!

Washers & Dryers for Colleges & Universities in Bridgeport, CT

Automatic Laundry is a reliable and resourceful company specializing in delivering washer and dryers to colleges and universities all in New England. With our top of the line technology machines, students can monitor and control their laundry within the touch of a button. Our mobile app is designed to make your student’s life easier. For more information about our laundry systems, contact our specialists at 617-969-4340.

Apartment and Condo Building Laundry Machines in Bridgeport, CT

As a property owner, your number one priority is to ensure your tenants are living comfortably. Automatic Laundry can assist you in providing the machines that keep your tenants happy with their laundry service. If you are looking to improve your laundry machines, consider speaking to our tech support to learn more about our services.

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