Cambridge Massachusetts is known for it’s tech startups, colleges, and rich culture. Cambridge has been home to thousands of students and academics for almost 200 years. And with saw a focus on legal, math, and science degrees as well as master programs, Cambridge is filled with young professionals who work in almost any industry. From computer coding to web development and app services, the Cambridge area is very knowledgeble on digital technology. That is why Automatic Laundry is proud to offer top of the line smart laundry machines.

App Controlled Laundry Equipment in Cambridge MA

Automatic Laundry supplies apartment and condo buildings throughout Cambridge with amazing laundry machines. We have a versatile product list, so whether your building is looking for a single coin-operated machine or a group of machines that allow in-app purchasing, you can get them from Automatic Laundry. If your Cambridge apartment or condo wants to replace and upgrade their laundry systems, contact one of our specialists at 617-969-4340.

Washers & Dryers for Colleges & Universities in Cambridge MA

Automatic Laundry’s washers and dryers are perfect for dorm life or fraternity/soriority housing in Cambridge. Students prefer to have payment options, and with our mobile payment app students don’t have to worry about collecting quarters for laundry. Generally, students are even more likely to do their laundry if the can digitally load their cards with laundry money. Automatic Laundry is an industry leader in providing laundry systems in Massachusetts. Get in touch with one of our representatives and we can discuss units, intallation, and unit features.

Automatic Laundry