Automatic Laundry works with colleges, multi-housing units, apartment complexes, and laundromats to install commercial washers and dryers. Over the last few years, we have worked in Kingston Rhode Island with the University of Rhode Island to install, maintain, and repair multiple washers and dryers. Our machines greatly benefit college campuses because students prefer smart machines that allow them to track their laundry and pay without needing to find a stack of quarters. Moreover, facilities count on Automatic Laundry’s self-reporting machines to ensure that maintenance is up to date.

LaundryConnect App

The LaundryConnect system offers a variety of services to our clients in Rhode Island. We often use these systems with college dorms, however, with the increasing millennial population outside of college, it has become more popular for both multi-housing units and laundromats. LaundryConnect creates a property-specific website where users can see a list of machines and know which ones are available and which ones are running. Now college students or laundromat customers do not have to lug their laundry to their laundry room only to find out that the entire room is taken. And, users can track when their laundry is done so that they can run other errands between loads. Automatic Laundry also provides app pay and card payment options, so no matter what your tenants or customers want, they will have options.

Self-Reporting Laundry Machines in Kingston RI

Automatic Laundry machines also self-report. That means we will know when machines need maintenance before you or anyone else does. We can dispatch one of your teams to your location at your earliest convenience to fix or repair any machine issues. The key to running a great commercial laundry room is not having to deal with broken machines. We know the importance of quick repairs so that there are not many “out of order” signs in your laundromat. That is why our machines come with so many sensors. And even if our sensors don’t catch something, we have teams throughout New England who we can quickly dispatch. We use GPS technology to make sure that each location we service has teams in close enough proximity to effectively deal with issues.

Request A Quote For Our Machines

Want our machines on your campus, in your building, or at your laundromat. Simply request a quote. We offer complimentary location surveys and free lease analysis. Our team would be happy to learn more about your project and your needs. You can also call us at 617 969-4340.

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