New York City is home to a variety of colleges and an ever-increasing population that lives in apartments, condos, and shared living facilities. With so many people living in close proximity, a vast majority rely on laundromats or in-unit laundry systems. Unfortunately, the city is filled with antiquated and outdated technology. Coin-operated machines and machines that are bad for the environment are almost ubiquitous in New York City. That is why Automatic Laundry is working with colleges and residential properties to update their laundry systems with our environmentally friendly machines that are easier to use.

Our Self-Reporting Laundry Machines For NYC Apartments

Apartments near the high line in NYCAutomatic Laundry supplies washers and driers to apartments throughout New York City. Last year we worked with Equity Residential to add our machines as in-building options for residential units throughout Manhatten. Residential buildings work with Automatic Laundry for a variety of reasons. If you are a property manager in New York City, you know the value of amenities. And amenities are one of the key reasons your good tenants will not renew their lease if there is an issue. Automatic Laundry machines are self-reporting, and with our GPS Enabled service, we always have a team in proximity to your building. We often perform maintenance before property managers or tenants notice an issue. Of course one of the greatest benefits of our machines is our LaundryConnect service. With LaundryConnect, tenants can track their laundry, find out when machines are open, and pay through our mobile app. Having updated technology speaks volumes to your tenants and new residences about the amenities of your location. If you are interested in getting a free quote or a complimentary location survey, click below.

Mobile App Payment For College Laundry In NYC

Automatic Laundry has worked with EF Academy and Pace University to provide meaningful laundry solutions for on-campus student residents. As a college, student life is very important. Some of the most common complaints of any student body are dining, laundry, and other amenities for their building. Our team creates tailored solutions to decrease the issues the student body has with laundry. Using LaundryConnect, students can track their own laundry and find available machines that are vital for large dorm buildings, especially during peak laundry times. And of course, the mobile payment app has become very popular among college students. Asking modern day students to find quarters for their laundry is like asking people to use a closeline instead of a dryer. App payment methods are not only convenient but the make it easier for students to do laundry often instead of waiting until they have to do it.

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