Providence is the capital city of Rhode Island and is also one of the oldest cities in the U.S. Automatic Laundry has had the pleasure of providing colleges, universities, and laundromat owners their services for decades. It is why Automatic Laundry has built a reputation with its clients and is regarded as one of the leading laundry equipment suppliers in Providence, Rhode Island. Here are the top services we have to offer.


Colleges and Universities Laundry Equipment Supplier in Providence


Automatic Laundry is an expert in providing solutions for providence businesses. Whether it is their coin laundry equipment or on-premises laundry services, Automatic laundry has the best and reliable equipment and is ready for installation or repairment services. 


Apartments & Condominium Laundry Equipment Supplier in Providence


If you are looking for experienced repair or installation technicians you can rely on, you can count on Automatic Laundry to get the job done right. Whether the owner of a small property or a large commercial property, we have the updated technology that will increase efficiency to your tenant’s lifestyle with our LaundryConnect service. 


Why You Should Hire Automatic Laundry as Your Equipment Supplier


Automatic Laundry offers the highest quality coin and card-operated laundry equipment to the multi-housing laundry room and college & universities in providence. We have worked with EF Academy with our mobile payment app that has become a popular service to college students. We are continually making changes that help our customers to work efficiently and effectively with their daily lives better. Contact us today for more information, and let’s get you the service you need.

Automatic Laundry