Laundry services are a necessity in many locations throughout the state of New York. From colleges to apartment buildings and a traditional laundromat, pay-per-use laundry services are extremely popular and can be very profitable. To make your laundry services profitable, you have to build trust with your customers and stand out against the competition. That means having great equipment and modern marketing strategies, such as promoting mobile payment options! Managing your own laundry location for customers to use is harder than it looks and one of the biggest challenges is finding high-quality equipment for your customers to use. X is a laundry equipment supplier that services New York areas and has everything you’ve been needing!


Our laundry equipment is reliable, competitively priced, and easy for customers to use. If you’re unsure what equipment is right for your needs or how to install it in your laundry area, we can help! With a wide array of equipment to choose from, we can provide you with exactly what you need to fill your customer’s needs and stay within your budget to improve profit margins.

Mobile Payment Options

Our laundry equipment is compatible with mobile payment options which simplify the laundry process more than ever before for your customers. Mobile payment options are becoming increasingly popular with college students and other young customers. It gives customers the flexibility to pay without carrying around bags of change to load into a machine or a card to swipe. It’s easy for customers to reload money for laundry services, scan a QR code, and start the machine. Everything else has become mobile in our modern age, so why should laundry services be any different?

The Customer Experience

Utilizing our laundry equipment services not only makes it easier for you to run your business, but it will lead to more satisfied customers. Our machines wash and dry efficiently so your customer will never feel like they’re wasting money at your facilities. Happy customers are repeat customers and repeat customers are a steady stream of income!

To learn more about our laundry equipment services and mobile payment options, contact us today! A large laundromat, a small washroom at a college, and anything in between are all within our area of expertise. Rather you want to place an order or just get a price estimate to see how it fits into your budget, we’re happy to help.

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