Laundry Room Design

After completing our complimentary site survey of your property, our trained sales experts may facilitate in the design and planning of your laundry facility. Key points our sales team will address are configuration of the laundry room, number of washers and dryers serving the property, potential improvements to infrastructure regarding plumbing, electrical and venting, possible room improvements such as paint, new flooring and vent configuration.  The vent configuration is the number one concern when installing new dryers.  Our sales representative will provide valuable insight on the vent configuration that will optimize dry times and reduce utility expenses associated with the dry cycle. Through conversations with ownership and management, our sales rep will gain valuable insight as to the property demographics and purchasing behavior in order to propose the best payment system to suit your property’s unique laundry needs.

Through our thorough sales process prior to installing our equipment, Automatic Laundry will provide your residents a valuable laundry amenity that will encourage residents to use and continue to use on-site laundry facilities, therefore driving your laundry revenue and increasing your property value.


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