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Automatic Laundry serves approximately 4,000 apartments, condominiums, public housing, and other multi-housing laundry facilities in 6 New England states and New York, and no company can match our combination of local expertise and service, best-in-class laundry equipment options, responsiveness, and technologies. Our managed laundry facilities are proven to increase revenue and resident satisfaction and deliver dramatic savings on water, sewer, gas, and electricity costs. Plus, you’ll benefit from our suite of technologies from LaundryConnect™ including our laundry monitoring system, self-reporting laundry equipment, and our new mobile payment app, that are truly unique in the industry.

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Mobile Payment App For Apartment Building Laundry Services

It’s time to bring the community laundry room into the twenty-first century. As more and more millennials move into apartment buildings in Boston, NYC, Newark, and other cities, they expect that their in-building amenities will be cutting edge and utilize new technology. More and more apartment features are connecting to apps including unit-thermostats, tenant portals for rent payments, and security systems. Automatic Laundry provides yet another app that will make your tenant’s lives more convenient. Our LaundryConnect app utilizes both our LaundryConnect system and our app-pay capability. Tenants can now pay for their laundry with a laundry card or with a smartphone app.

LaundryConnect™ Features

Not only will your tenants enjoy convenient payment options, but with Automatic Laundry, they can also utilize our LaundryConnectfeatures. These features include allowing tenants to track their laundry and receive text/email notifications when it’s time to move their laundry. Now, tenants do not need to wait in the community laundry room and can continue on with their day. Additionally, our LaundryConnect™ technology allows tenants to see when machines are available so they can choose the optimal time to begin a load of laundry. The LaundryConnect™ system even alerts us when machines need maintenance, so we can ensure that your machines are always operating at the highest efficiency.  For more information on how our technology continues to improve apartment building’s community laundry rooms, check out our case studies.

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