Case Study

Suny Purchase


Purchase College a public four-year university located in Purchase, NY, is part of the State University of New York (SUNY) network of 64 universities and colleges that offers a unique education combining programs in liberal arts with conservatory programs in the arts.


  • Facilities remodel
  • Equipment upgrades
  • Real-time laundry monitoring system implementation
  • On-site demonstration and tutorials


Speed Queen Quantum washers and dryers


  • 20% of reported services
    issues resolved immediately


Purchase College became one of several colleges in the region to recently end their relationship with a national laundry company and begin anew with Automatic Laundry. Automatic’s deep commitment to local service and customer service coupled with their passion for technology and green initiatives were drivers in Purchase’s decision to select Automatic Laundry to take over management of the campus laundry program.

Malfunctioning Machines, Slow Response and High Student Dissatisfaction Drove Change

The Purchase College Association was frustrated by malfunctioning machines being reported by the national company as working, preventative maintenance not being performed and the number of students complaining about laundry service campus wide increased dramatically. After multiple years of handling student complaints concerning the condition and operation of the campus laundry program, Purchase College administrators formed a committee to begin the search for a new service provider that was responsive and accountable, technologically advanced and experienced servicing colleges and universities.

“Laundry was a huge headache for us until Automatic Laundry was put in place. We were bogged down with student complaints and non-working machines, and now all of our issues have been virtually eliminated with Automatic Laundry’s complete turn-key program.”

– DANIEL KILKELLY, Marketing Manager, Purchase College Association

Automatic Laundry Implements Upgraded Laundry Experience

Purchase’s goals for their student laundry program were very simple: upgrade to higher quality commercial grade washers and dryers; washers needed to be ENERGY STAR qualified; and find a laundry service provider who could respond to service requests within 12 business hours and was capable of implementing a real-time laundry monitoring platform, a great time management tool for students.

The SUNY Purchase committee chose Automatic Laundry because they felt it was the most complete solution that addressed their objectives. “Since installation of the new Speed Queen Quantum equipment and related technology, we have been really happy with Automatic Laundry’s performance,” said Patrick Savolskis, Executive Director of Purchase College Association.

Student Engagement, Laundry Service Response Times Exceed Expectations

Prior to students returning to campus, a team from Automatic Laundry presented to approximately 90 Resident Assistants to review the new laundry program. Automatic’s team demonstrated the new laundry equipment features, proper usage of the equipment, service reporting, instructional videos on Automatic’s web site and a hands-on tutorial on how to use Laundry Tracker Connect, the real-time laundry monitoring system. The feedback from Resident Assistants was incredible.

Additionally, Automatic has delivered on their promise of same day or next day service response. To date, 20% of the reported service issues have been resolved almost immediately from the real-time machine service alerts sent directly to Automatic’s customer service team.

The most dramatic improvement has been the positive change in the student experience on campus for their laundry facilities. SUNY Purchase and Automatic Laundry worked diligently to upgrade the laundry rooms for the students including plumbing, painting, flooring, tables and dryer venting. The connected laundry rooms allow students to monitor the status of the laundry equipment 24/7 and be notified when their laundry is ready. The system allows virtual walk-throughs of each laundry room on campus.

Automatic Laundry