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For the past 50 years, Automatic Laundry has been and remains a local, independent, and family-owned business.  We pride ourselves on direct relationships with our customers as we live and work in the same communities they do.  Automatic Laundry does not answer to outside investors and is home to a knowledgeable sales and service team equipped to best serve your property’s unique needs. Our most important relationships are with you, our customers.  Our face-to-face approach to building relationships and trust while being held accountable are at the core of everything we do each day.

Customer Service

Our customer service staff is knowledgeable of the local marketplace, possesses an understanding of the region’s dynamics, and knows exactly who to contact when there is an emergency.  Our customer service staff is able to resolve customer issues in a single call… no second and third customer call backs required.


Service requests will be repaired either the same or next day (within eight business hours during regular workdays).  The service department is in constant contact with each service truck.  Our web-based dispatching system, in combination with the GPS tracking technology, allows our service managers to efficiently dispatch all service requests.  All of our service trucks are completely equipped with a full complement of parts so that repairs are made on the first visit.

 In addition to calling our 24-hour service number, residents can simply visit our website to request service online, obtain refunds, learn how to do their laundry, and how to properly use the equipment.


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